How Long Is Three Hours?

Melt, melt away the cares and problems of this life,

Discard from thought the daily pressures that you have,

Think on Eternity and what will last,

Scrap from your mind the dross of human effort.

Go back in time to when Love paid a cost

So vast as to tower above the expanse of human grief,

Grasp in these moments the dreadful depths of evil in this world,

"The King of The Jews" crucified for you!

Dark darkness covers this world of sin and shame,

The Holy Son of a Righteous God

Nailed between earth and heaven,

Three hours the heart of Heaven stops,

As angels tightly grip their swords

The Father on His precious Son could no more look.

Blood streaming from those loving hands and feet,

What cost those human souls?

The Centre of Eternity has come!

The greatest battle ever,

Raging round the cross!

Satanic hordes trying to taunt Him from the cruel nails,

As angels gasped - how could they understand!

Waiting for a signal to destroy mankind?

Could the Father let His Son now suffer so?

Could the Creator Son love mankind this much?

Eternity stands astride those three long hours,

A Silence in Heaven,

Angels had never known.

See all the sheep being gathered home!

Weak, bleeding, held safe by those pierced hands,

Following His path through the darkness of this world,

Following the blood stains,

His feet have left along the way.

Henry Gibson (Feb 2002)

Published in "Above The Clouds" by Triumph House, 2002

Published in "Angel of Light" by Triumph House, 2002

How Long is Three Hours

          Lost Souls

Daily noise and traffic loud,

All provide a misty shroud,

To cover dying souls around,

Who Jesus love have never found.

Do we really care?

All those lost souls out there!

Laughing, joking midst the throng,

No care for Jesus is heard in song.

The beat of endless self enjoyment,

Self-advancement through ones employment.

Do we really care?

All those lost souls out there!

Today they laugh and tell a joke,

Tomorrow gone without a hope.

No friend accompanies their dark descent,

To see what your warnings really meant?

Do we really care?

All those lost souls out there!

Jesus loved them all so much,

To us their eternity He does entrust,

Could we hear the cries of hell,

More of Jesus perhaps we'd tell?

Do we really care?

All those lost souls out there!

Henry Gibson (Mar 2001)

Published in "Reflections in the Rain" by Triumph House, 2001

Lost Souls

            Angel Patrol

Faster and faster the spacecraft sped,

Shooting through space while charting ahead.

Stars and planets to be missed must be seen,

Passing so fast its own light has not been.

Scan helmets on they mind-tune the scatter

Of garbled noise from the void - does it matter?

What can they change in the vastness around?

What can they do with the spectrum of sound?

Suddenly a shriek comes from darkness out there,

The cry from a dungeon of pain and despair.

Each look intent at th' others strained face,

Mind lock on target the sound source they trace.

Seconds tick by as the signal gets stronger,

The time vortex shrinking with each moment longer.

Soon in the presence of pain they appear,

White lights of mystery dazzling and clear.

How to explain the pitiful sight?

Tears of despair midst a dungeon of light.

The tormentors now lie stunned on the floor,

Gentle hands free the body which pain grips no more.

Each look at the other's face painted with grief.

These creatures whose life is so short and so brief,

Don't they fear to be banished from out of His sight?

Lost forever in darkness beyond reach of the light.

Henry Gibson

Angel Patrol

Jesus Loves You Don’t You Know

Jesus Loves You Don’t You Know

Jesus loves you,
Don't you know?
In your life
He wants to show,
How much love
He can bestow,
How can you let,
Such a life go?

In your heart
He wants to stay,
Cleanse from sin
And keep that way,
How can you
Say NO to Him?
Who has died to save you,
From your sin.

 Henry Gibson

What Class

            What Class?

Observe the fools who lay great store,
In what genetic imprint they have of yore,
They rest in generations of things possessed,
And feel themselves above all others blessed.

Who are those dressed in priceless robes of dazzling white?
Shining brighter than the blaze of noonday sun!
Faces happy, with humble calm possessed,
They know their common wedding garment makes them above all blessed!

This garment, a living gift of love from God,
Of such depth that ne’er can be plumbed,
A lining, deep blood red - whose origin, the precious flow,
From th’eternal Son of God on Calvary, here below.

This is eternal class - a class for ever set apart,
Redeemed of the Lamb, blessed people art,
They look at Jesus in their own unworthiness,
Accept His gift, given at such cost - now that is blest!

Henry Gibson

What Folly

                         What Folly

There are none so blind as those that cannot see

The darkness that awaits their passing from this scene of time,

They have but faithless dreams of loved ones looking from above,

They cannot see the pale of outer darkness beyond the grave.

Without a Saviour there cannot be a hope of joy eternal,

Without His sacrifice there is no freedom from the curse of sin,

What folly to end this life without my Saviour Jesus,

Crying in the darkness to face an endless night of death.

 Henry Gibson September 2009

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        Rejoice For a Soul

Rejoice for a soul that is Saved,

A soul that is Saved by Him,

A soul that is plucked from the fires of Hell,

A soul of His love and mercy will tell,

Let the angels above and the saints below,

Rejoice for a soul that is Saved!

Henry Gibson

       Weep for a Soul

Weep for a soul that is Lost,

A soul with no time for Him,

A soul that is facing the fires of Hell,

A soul with no story of mercy to tell,

Let the angels above and the saints below,

Weep for a soul that is Lost!

Henry Gibson (Nov 2002)


       The Hellish Trains

Here they come rumbling in,

Full of people, full of sin,

Laughter and joking fill the air,

A happy crowd without a care?

All aboard the speakers squawk,

Jibes and laughter as they mock,

Posters hanging at the station,

Offering something called Salvation?

Various routes offered here,

"Have a good time - free beer!",

"Good enough People - we are the solution!",

"Who needs Jesus? -  we've got Evolution!"

All trips come, with very high cost,

The fare no less, their souls will be lost.

But people are crowding to get on board,

Surely they're not all wrong, this incredible hoard?

The trains disappear their noise now distant,

But the thought of lost souls still hangs there persistent.

Imagine their faces when the laughing goes flat,

When they look from the train and see Hell's where there at!

Henry Gibson (6 Feb 2004)


Weep for a Soul

Rejoice for a Soul

The Hellish Trains


Christian Poems

Copyright Henry Gibson

           Against Suicide

(Inspired by the after-death experiences of people who had attempted suicide)

Not to be, or be here?
That is the question!

Freedom from this life’s ills,

Peace in a bottle, no more pain,

At last they’re all down these pills,

Its done, no more hurt in my poor brain!

Spinning into darkness,

Down, down into blackness,

Hot, hot, so hot,

In this cave of night!

Why am I here, what did I gain?

No more friends or a caring glance,

Just devilish creatures who laugh at my pain,

Oh God please give me another chance!

Oh that I’d trusted Jesus when I had my life!

Now nothing but hopeless fear in this endless night!

Henry Gibson

Against Suicide